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Our Story

What do your cats do? Nothing. Yup! Literally nothing. How often do you find yourself doing absolutely nothing? Not very often we bet. Imagine yourself as a cat, staring at nothing and thinking nothing most of the day, sparing just some time eating, playing and sleeping. How we wish we could be like our feline pals - just to always enjoy the bliss of doing nothing.

Founded by two Hong Kong-based cat owners, AU and Rachel, We Do Nothing offers happy products for cats and their people. Apart from bringing covetable unique finds from around the world, they also design and make their own cat accessories and toys with meticulous care and boundless love. 


WDN aims to provide objects that enhance the harmony of the co-habited space by responding to both the practical needs of cats and the aesthetic desires of their owners. WDN believes every product should have a story to tell, and encourages every cat owner to curate a home with stories of themselves and their blissful nothing-doers.


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